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2022 “Sing With Me” Chinese Lyric Writing Competition, Award Ceremony  9月22晚收到最新版本.png

Song of the Award Winners

You are invited to participate in the inaugural Nationwide Song Lyric Writing Contest

for Chinese Language Students!

  • The competition is open to middle/high school and college students enrolled in formal Chinese language classes.

  • Nine sets of song lyrics will be selected and developed into songs with audio and video productions and performances, disseminated nationally and internationally.


•New American International Culture Corporation (NAICC)



•Blue Resources USA

•ELE Consulting International


Chair: Professor Xiang Gao

Co-Chairs: Lisa H. Healy and Dr. Shuhan Wang

Chinese Language Experts: Baocai Jia, Jiahang Li, Jane Lu, Stacy Lyon, Xiaoyan Wang

Music Experts: To be announced

Leadership Team


Lisa Huang Healey


Founder of NAIC

Executive Director, founder of AAICE

Former Associate Director

of College Board Chinese Language and Culture Initiatives;

Teacher Trainer;

Program Planner


Shuhan C. Wang, PhD


President of ELE Consulting International, LLC.; Former Deputy Director of the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) at the University of Maryland; Executive Director for Chinese Language Initiatives at the Asia Society; Former President-Elect for the National Council for the State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL)

xiang gao.png

Creative Director

Trustees Distinguished Professor of Music,

University of Delaware

Expert Team


Stacy Lyon

Chinese Language Expert

Director of Chinese Dual Language Programs, Utah Department of Education

Jiahang Li

Chinese Language Expert

Assistant Professor,

Michigan State University


Baocai Jia

Chinese Language Expert

Executive Director, CLASS


Xiaoyan Wang

Chinese Language Expert

Coordinator of Chinese Language Programs, Leadership Independent School District, Texas


Jane Lu

Chinese Language Expert

Director, Chinese Language Programs, Chicago Public Schools



February 10th, 2022

Register now!



January 10th, 2022 (by invitation and teacher only)

Register now!

Project Goals

Enhancing Chinese Language Learning

  • Enhancing Chinese language proficiency

  • Arousing curiosity towards Chinese culture

  • Deepening intercultural understanding of and appreciation for the Chinese language and culture

Expressing Voices via Chinese Language

Learners of the Chinese language in secondary and college programs to apply knowledge in Chinese in expressing feelings, voices, and ideas on select themes

Incorporating Music into Language Learning

Incorporating music into the curriculum and instruction of Chinese language programs to enrich the content and learning experiences

Creating Songs for
Enjoyment & Engagement

Creating songs by using the lyrics written by student teams for learners and speakers of Chinese worldwide  

 Why are we doing this?

     How is the study of Chinese language and culture connected with the contemporary Chinese youth?

  • K-pop culture and its connection to Korean language education  

  • Gaming, manga, and their connections to Japanese language education

    Through this project: We want to

  • connect with Chinese language teachers and students with music’s universal and unifying power

  • iInvite students of diverse backgrounds to join

  • have fun, and guide students to express their voices




topics about family and friends; wishes and hopes; a loving experience; tolerance, inclusion, loss, understanding, or acceptance

People with Masks

A vision for the world and how we can realize this vision

Planet and Moon

Climate change,


saving the earth,

special places in the world 

Sunset Over New York City

must seek approval from the organizers prior to the creative process


Audio and video productions of your lyrics performed in fully developed songs.

Cash Prizes – the winning team will receive $500 USD and a certificate.


Details of the guidelines was explained in the webinar on

SAT, January 8th, 2022, from 11 am-12:30 pm EST /8 am-9:30 am PST.

Here is the recording and PPT of thi webinar.


  • Chinese language learners enrolled in a formal Chinese language class in Grades 6-12 and colleges may enter the contest. The Chinese language class can be in an immersion, dual language immersion, or world language setting. 

  • Students from diverse backgrounds (linguistic, cultural, racial, ethnic, LGBT, or exceptional ability) in one school are welcome to form a team to participate as the school team. The contest is school-based, not individual-based.

  • In some cases, more than one student-teacher team can enter on behalf of the same school

  • Each school team must have a Chinese language teacher/instructor serving as the guide, who is also the contact person for the team.

  • Three categories for lyrics entry and judge: Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, and College.

  • Note: This pilot project does not include native speakers of Chinese or students in Chinese weekend heritage language schools.


All entries must comply with the following rules to be considered:


  • The teams must create the lyrics based on a select theme. All submissions must sign an affidavit proving that the lyrics are original work that does not infringe on any copyright issues, and it will not claim copyright to the lyrics. The organizers reserve the right to publish and disseminate the produced songs.

  • Styles, Content, and Length:

  1. Lyrics are for solo vocal pop performances.

  2. While a pop song is the most preferred style, Chinese, Chinese minority folk music style (童谣/民谣) can also be utilized.

  3. The length is for a song that can be performed 3-4 minutes long.

  4. All Chinese lyrics must be accompanied by pinyin 拼音.

  5. All submitted work must be in Chinese with English translation for reference purposes. The final song will be performed in Chinese.

  6. The content and language cannot be controversial in showing political or socio-cultural biases. The lyrics must be error-free and age-appropriate for young adults (ages 12-20).

  • The teacher/instructor serves as a guide and contact person of the team. We encourage teachers to lead and assist students in creating and revising the lyrics in Chinese.

  • The Project reserves the right to make any changes necessary to ensure the lyrics will work with the music.

 Judging Criteria

Artistic expression and impact

(the inspiring and poetic use of the Chinese language

with the power

of a story telling


Content and social



(lyric theme selected

to promote the awareness

of student wellbeing,

unity, diversity, environmental issues,

and so on)


Language education


(can be used as a resource for cross-disciplinary language teaching material and activities, classroom enrichment, content learning, and supplementing textbook/curriculum)


Pop culture


(easy to understand

and remember,

fun to sing,

and appealing

to young people)


A panel of Chinese language judges and music judges will select the national winners in each grade category.

Chinese pop song lyric samples and YouTube playlist

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